A local reading & January news

Earlier this month, I submitted poems to the UNL Amensty’s Demand Dignity poetry and lyrics contest. I was among the top five finalist! Yay! They’ve invited me to read at their benefit concert this Saturday.

Reading (poetry) in UNL Amnesty’s Demand Dignity benefit concert
8:00 p.m., Saturday, January 28, 2012
Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso, 1624 South St., Lincoln, NE 68502

I hope to see you there!

In other contest and award news, forthcoming in my chapbook THE PUPPET WIFE, my piece “Pantomime: A Tragedy” was selected for the 2011 “Best of Spittoon” award, which includes an actual spittoon. I get a spittoon. They’re going to send me a spittoon. How cool is that? My father had a few spittoons around the house when I was a kid and I always thought they were kind of neat and a little bit sinister. I’m very excited to get my own.

In other news, I’m up in UNL’s January newsletter. I have poems in the current issues of Miller’s Pond, in the anthology Sunrise from Blue Thunder, the anthology Flashlight Memories (now available in ebook), and forthcoming in ABZ and The Adroit Journal.

Bloggers over in The Modcloth Blog discussed their love of chapbooks and posted this lovely picture of recent chaps they’ve been reading.

I’m delighted to see my little chapbook MY IMAGINARY in the bottom left hand corner.

Finally, late last year I created a BRANDING GIRLS giveaway on Goodreads.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Branding Girls by Laura Madeline Wiseman

Branding Girls

by Laura Madeline Wiseman

Giveaway ends March 11, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

What is the coolest, craziest, and most unbelievable thing is the number of people who have entered to win. As of right now as I’m typing this blog post, there are 203 people requesting a copy of BRANDING GIRLS. 203! My press run was only 250. I’m very sure I’ve sold 47+ copies. I don’t think there are 203 copies available. The contest ends in March, but it’s 203 and counting. Amazing.

new chapbook blurb

Yay! I just received my first blurb for my new chapbook, SHE WHO LOVES HER FATHER, forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press.

Leah Browning is the editor of Apple Valley Review. Way back in 2006, she published my poem now collected in the chapbook. AVR was one of the first places I published my work online because she’s such a smart editor. I just finished reading her chapbook MAKING LOVE TO THE SAME MAN FOR FIFTEEN YEARS. What a lovely collection, especially poems like “Skating,” “On the Drive Back…,” and “Learning to Play….” They have so much hope and joy. I think I’m smitten. Other poems focused on Tucson, where I also lived for four years. It was nice to read that landscape in her work. I just ordered her most recent collection, PICKING CHERRIES IN THE ESPANOLA VALLEY, published in Dancing Girl Press’s line up in 2010 with my little chapbook. I’m so excited to read more of Leah’s delightful poems.

Here’s Leah:

At the heart of Laura Madeline Wiseman’s She Who Loves Her Father is the desire for human connection in all its forms—mental, emotional, sexual, physical. Nowhere is this longing more evident than in the poignant “An Email from the Living,” in which a parent writes to a child: “you didn’t respond so/ I must have the wrong address.” It is this need, often unmet, that drives the narrators of Wiseman’s poems in this winding, often wistful collection. ~Leah Browning, author of Picking Cherries in the Española Valley and Making Love to the Same Man for Fifteen Years

recent news

Since my last post, so much has happened. Thus, I present you a bulleted list.

  • On Valentine’s Day at 7 p.m I read at Crescent Moon‘s reading series “Poetry on the Moon” with Mary K. Stillwell, and several others who read afterward during the open mic. I had a wonderful time reading from My Imaginary and Ghost Girl, and from my two forthcoming collections Branding Girls, and Sprung forthcoming from San Francisco Bay Press. I had such a great time! I even read a few poems from my dissertation on Matilda Fletcher. I’ll be reading at “Poetry on the Moon” a little later this spring. More on that soon.
  • Earlier that day, I successfully defended the above mentioned dissertation. I am thrilled! It was a good conversation, with thought provoking questions and suggestions. I’m very much looking forward to my continued research on Matilda to see what other opportunities Matilda might inspire in my future writing.
  • Coming up in the very near future, I am reading tomorrow from my dissertation at No Limits, 9 a.m. March  5, 2011, in Kearney in the UNK Nebraskan Union (Ponderosa Rooms).
  • At the end of spring break, I will also be reading at Red River Graduate Student Conference at 3:15 on March 26 at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. I’m very excited to see North Dakota. I had the opportunity to read at the Western Literature Association in October 2009 that was held in Spearfish, SD, which gave me a little bit of time to see beautiful South Dakota. Such lovely country! I cannot wait to see the landscape in and around Fargo, as well as some friends and family along the way in Iowa and Minnesota, including my two nephews and the new one on the way due this July. During the reading, I might even sneak in a poem or two from Branding Girls.
  • Speaking of Branding Girls, I’m thrilled to have my first course adoption! Yeah! Yeah! Carole Levin will be teaching Branding Girls in her history course on Saints, Witches, and Madwomen here at UNL in the pre-session this summer. When I took Carole’s class in the summer of 2009, we read such wonderful books and had such great discussions, including a day that focused entirely on advertising, branding, and the commodification of the body, which fits perfectly with Branding Girls. In conjunction with the course adoption, she’s invited me to read in her class and in town. More on that soon. I’m so thrilled!
  • The final, but certainly not last, thing I want to share is news on an anthology. My essay “Dear Diary: Violence, Confession, and Creative Writing Pedagogies” was accepted in 2009 by the editors of Dispatches from the Classroom: Graduate Student Essays on Creative Writing. The editors, Dave Yost, Joe Rein, and Chris Drew, now have a contract with Continuum Press, scheduled to publish the anthology soon. I am over the moon! My essay, originally written as individual papers that I delivered at AWP in 2009, NWSA in 2008, and Split this Rock in 2008, I combined, revised, and reworked them to eventually become one of my scholarly essays in my comprehensive exams for the PhD. I am so excited that all that hard work I did in writing the academic piece, now has a home, and soon, will be out there in the world.
work to see what other opportunities Matilda might inspire in my future writing